The participation grade I believe I earned for this course is a B-/C+.  This course was difficult for me at times to relate to as I do not feel as comfortable with technology as I may have needed to be.  I feel like I pushed myself outside of my normal boundaries though.  As I had questions, I used twitter to search for or ask the question.  I actively participated in my group during group discussions.  I also always was prepared by reading the assigned readings.


Diablo 3 – Rules for Fiction and Non Quest Play

Part I

While some traditional elements of fiction are lacking in Diablo 3, it still follows many of the main characteristics.  Diablo 3 is very much “an imagined creation in verse, drama, and prose,” as stated in the handout Hints for Reading Fiction.  The protagonist in the game is the player’s chosen hero, who is fighting to defeat the Skeleton King in the trial version, or Diablo in the full version.  The protagonist also acts as a limited narrator and tells the story through a first person point of view.  The player’s chosen hero is limited to only their version of the story.  This narrative style leads to dynamic action change by informing the player of objectives or quests to follow, which enables them to get further in the game and level up.  By leveling up, the player is able to make changes to their hero with new actions and skills.  The narrative structure is embedded in the game and told throughout play by various characters appearing at certain times and telling their portion of the story.  The author’s intent with this narrative style is to pull the player into the game and make them feel as though they are really part of the game.

Part II

Throughout my 30 minutes of non quest play I explored different areas such as the village.  I searched any bodies I came across for gold or weapons.

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 12.05.45 PM

I also destroyed any barrels, tree stumps, or anything else I could for possible gold.  Most of the time I found very little gold, or nothing at all.

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 12.12.55 PM

Next, I took this time to sell items I had accumulated, but I also found I did not get much gold for this either.

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 12.08.22 PM

After the entire 30 minutes of non quest play I had only gained about 250 gold, and found a few items for my inventory.  Other than this, I did not really accomplish anything.  I found non quest play to be rather boring and uneventful.

Which Book Should be Cut

The novel that should be cut from the syllabus is The Passion of New Eve.  I personally found the novel too shocking and just did not like it.  The shock factor took away from the focus of finding themes and analysis in the book, as well.  While I see the use of technology in the novel, I do not think it was as strong as some of the other novels we read or other novels that are available.

Technozombie – Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

Technology in the 21st century defined:  DVD’S, Blue-ray, CD’s then replaced by digital download music, HD TV, 3D technology, internet, smartphones, 3G and 4G technology, social networking, faster more efficient computer, increase use of satellite technology

1. Friday 10/25/13 21st century technology log

7am – check email, Facebook, and weather on iPhone

8am – listen to satellite (XM) radio while driving

9am – use laptop (MacBook) to begin working on online class assignments on Canvas

10am – continue online class assignments on Canvas

11am – continue and finish class assignments on Canvas, listen to music on iPod

12pm – nothing (read for class assignment)

1pm – check email, browse Facebook on iPhone, play game (Candy Crush and Song Pop) on iPhone

2pm – listen to music again on iPod, listen to satellite (XM) radio again while driving

3pm – send and receive text messages on iPhone, watch satellite TV (DirectTV)

4pm – continue watching satellite TV (Direct TV), listen to satellite (XM) radio again while driving, use debit card at ATM and grocery store

5pm – check email and Facebook again on iPhone, send and receive text messages on iPhone

6pm – listen to satellite (XM) radio while driving, use camera on iPhone

7pm – use camera on iPhone, post pictures on Facebook

2. Sunday 10/27/13 Without technology from 11am-5pm

In order to go without using 21st century technology that I previously and normally use, I found myself having to make numerous adjustments throughout my day.  I had to turn off the radio while driving, set my iPhone aside so I would not be tempted to use it, and find other sources of entertainment other than television or my laptop.  I successfully completed the first four hours of the challenge by finding and planning other activities outside of my normal routine, such as carving pumpkins and walking the dog.  I then received a text message on my phone that I felt I should check, as I was supposed to be meeting someone.  After responding to the text message I was able to set my phone aside again and complete the last two hours of the challenge by playing board games and doing other craft activities with my daughter.

3. Reflection

When faced with the challenge to go six hours without the use of 21st technology, my first reaction was to think, it was impossible.  I thought to myself, with one young child in school and being nine months pregnant, it would be impossible to avoid my cell phone for six hours.  Therefore, I purposely chose a day on the weekend when my daughter and husband would be with me.  My initial reaction to the assignment showed me that the use of technology absolutely affects the way I perceive the world.  I realized after attempting to go just six short hours without using technology, how connected and reliant I am to it.  By having to use such a conscious effort to avoid the habits and uses of technology that I normally take for granted, I noticed how attached I am to different devices.  Without my smartphone, laptop, or television I felt as though I was cut off from the outside world.  I noticed my mood was more down, and I found myself watching the time for when I could resume my normal routine.  My mood was also effected as I realized how dependent I am to certain devices.  I felt disappointed in myself due to the fact I had to plan and make an extra effort to avoid technology that I so heavily rely on.  I initially would not have thought of myself as a “techno-zombie”, but I would now say I am.  I unconsciously pick up my phone numerous times throughout the day, either to check Facebook, email, or text messages.  My car radio is consistently turned on to satellite radio, and I never think twice about it.  I also rely on television in the evening as the primary way to relax after a long day, and have not stopped to think of another source of relaxation.  Overall, the extended and conscious effort I needed to make, in order to avoid using 21st technology made me realize how much technology I take for granted and consume out of habit.

Tweeting as a Character

The character I am choosing to tweet as, is Leilah, from The Passion of New Eve.  The rationale I plan to use for the narrative will display her innermost thoughts and feelings, to show who she really was and what her true intentions were with Evelyn.  My narrative will also bridge the gap in time between when Evelyn leaves Leilah in New York to suffer  alone from her botched abortion, to the time she reappears on the beach with Eve.  After Evelyn leaves Leilah, she will continue to heal in the hospital until she is well enough to travel to Beulah.  Leilah’s “mother” who had been notified of her situation and was traveling to New York, will not be what was perceived in the novel.  Instead, Mother will send for Leilah to be brought to her, where she will repair any remaining damage that has been done to her, and care for her until she has fully recovered.  Once she has returned to good health, she will join the society in Beulah, and become a leader of troops who are training and preparing to carry out Mother’s plan to rebuild society.  Also, as Leilah was only 15 years old at the beginning of the novel and appears very immature, I intend to show her change in maturity through her experience during her absence.  I plan to show how her experience with Evelyn in New York shifts her focus and forces her to grow up.

The Passion of New Eve & Gender

How do I perform my own gender?

I perform my own gender by being a mother.  I am nurturing, caring, and loving.  I also regularly enjoy feminine activities, such as manicures, or pedicures.  I also perform my own gender in my role in my household.  I am regularly the one who cooks, cleans, and tends to the children.  I also perform my own gender as a wife.

The Passion of New Eve – Part 1 & 2

Why is Ch 4 so brief?

Chapter 4 is so brief to signify the feeling of loneliness and helplessness Eve feels once she becomes lost.  Eve loses track of time, with no compass or guide, and her map blows away.  Along with this description, there are also a couple of significant sentences in chapter 4 that also reenforce the feeling of loneliness Eve now has.  For example, “There is no-one, no-one.  I am helplessly lost…”, and the last sentence of the chapter, “I have found a landscape that matches the landscape of my heart.” (p. 41)  At this point in the book, Eve is physically a female, but still has the mentality of a male, and can not help but feel lost.  These sentences along with the setting description in chapter 4 describe the loss of self and helplessness Eve feels.  The briefness of chapter 4 reenforces the sense of how lost Eve is, both mentally and physically.

Does Evelyn’s physical and mental transformation to Eve redeem him of his early misogyny?  Why or why not?

Evelyn’s physical and mental transformation to Eve do not redeem him of his early misogyny.  Evelyn’s misogyny is displayed early in the novel on page 29 as he is describing Leilah as she gets ready to go out for the night.  After describing her process he thinks to himself, “What would the poor scrubwoman back home in the ghetto of Watts say if she could see you now, Leilah, Lilith, mud Lily,….?”  This shows how Evelyn feels toward women before becoming Eve.  Evelyn’s physical and mental transformation is forced upon him and only something he begins to accept once he decides he has no other choice.  On page 80, Sophia is teaching Eve how to act like a woman.  While learning these acts, but still being “the clumsiest of pupils”, Eve thinks to herself “-you’ll have to put in more work on the programming techniques, Sophia: it takes more than identifying with Raphael’s Madonna to make a real woman!”  Eve’s reaction to Sophia teaching her how to act like a woman shows a heavy similarity to the reaction Evelyn has while watching Leilah get ready to go out for the night.  The second description of Eve’s reaction shows that even though Eve has been transformed physically, she is still not fully female.  It also displays the resentment and hostility she has for being forced to do so.  While Evelyn or Eve feels sorry for herself/himself and seeks pity for what has happened, this does not redeem him or her for the early misogyny he displayed.  Eve only begins to accept being female once it becomes clear to her that she has no other choice, and that this is who she is now.

Clockwork Orange Gaming

The choices our group made were mostly based on curiosity.  We knew how the story played out, so many of our choices were based on different options than what happened in the story.  We didn’t question the negative outcomes because we knew they were predetermined.  We also didn’t question them because of the fantasy aspect of the game, it was Alex’s life, and not happening in reality.  We would have liked Alex to have the choice to do good in the game.  We feel this would have added a new aspect to the game and produced different, more interesting endings.

Group:  Be Cool,Be PC